Torsion Springs

Torsion springsTorsion springs react to applied rotational force, either providing ‘torque’, or using stored rotational energy when the spring is set. The rotation force used should always allow the spring to decrease in diameter and increase in body length.

Marsh Springs has banks of machinery, including the latest CNC equipment, for torsion spring manufacture. We supply torsion springs for garage doors, window furnishings, agricultural equipment, and locks and latches to name a few.

Marsh Springs Unique Product Features

  • Complex torsion shape and wire form construction
  • Extensive computer-based and mechanical production equipment
  • Direct access to Marsh Springs technical advice and expertise
  • Choice of protective finishes including painted, zinc-plated, and other anti-corrosive applications
  • Large and small runs welcome

Quote Guide Diagram

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Key Measurements



Item Description
A Angular deflection
B Angle between ends
BL Body length
ID Inside diameter
L Moment arm
MD Mean diameter
OD Outside diameter
P Load on ends
WD Wire diameter