Press and Strip Products

Press and strip productsThe Marsh Springs press shop has a bank of presses and other equipment, all backed up by a well equipped in-house tooling department.

We are able to manufacture and maintain equipment to produce a range of items from small spring clips, such as stainless steel spacing links, to larger brackets and other pressed components that stretch up to 2 metres in length.

Marsh Springs specialize in producing complex items in materials such as spring stainless steel, painted aluminium, as well as the more common steel strip materials.

Marsh Springs Unique Product Features

  • Material capability 0.2 to 3mm thickness
  • Up to 80 tonne maximum press and forming equipment
  • Experience in stamping and forming complex small to medium sized items
  • Choice of annealed and spring strip, painted aluminium, spring stainless steel
  • All pressings, brackets, spring clips and metal strip items
  • Different finishes and protective coatings available

For a spring quote, please submit contact details, and we shall come back to you promptly to discuss your requirements.

Example press and strip product diagram