Over 60 years Marsh Springs has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience within and across many industries, and an understanding of the unique requirements of each. All clients large and small are assured of the firm’s superior service and have direct access to the highest technical knowledge.


  • Long life springs ‘cold coiled’ for consistent quality from spring wire up to 16.0mm diameter
  • Wide range of make to order
  • Single/double/rake – tines
  • Finger/tillage/scouring – springs
  • Small or large orders are handled with the same professional service leve
  • Fast ‘make to order’ for spares
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Small or large quantity orders welcomed
  • Assistance in design & product improvement available

Marsh Springs have been making agricultural springs for the industry for more than 25 years.

We have specific knowledge in springs, single rakes, single & double tines, and other more agriculture specific items, to suit your needs.

Our ‘cold coiling’ production facility presents consistent quality, long lasting product from spring wire up to 16.0mm in diameter.

Spares can be made quickly through our jobbing shop, if a sample or dimensions are provided.

Garage Doors

  • No. 1 Australian garage door Spring manufacturer
  • B&D, Steel-line, Gliderol, Taurean & many others nationwide, use our Garage Door Springs
  • We are proud of our supply & service awards in the industry
  • Consistently high quality springs manufactured on demand

Marsh Springs have continuously developed high quality ‘fit for purpose’ garage door springs over the last 25 years to emerge as the leading garage door spring manufacturer in Australia.

Our advanced production facilities ensure we are able to present consistently high quality springs in large numbers, on demand.

Electrical Power Supply

  • Schneider, Flowline Industries, NGK Stanger, Nova Power, Essential Energy, Energex.
  • Silver conductor springs, volute washers, clip & bracket components, brass & phosphor bronze components.

Our company is involved with the manufacture of many finite components associated with the electrical power generation, supply, distribution and transmission industries.

From small silver conductor springs to domestic plug prongs and power line volute washers, our production capabilities are wide and varied.

Medical Emergency Appliances

  • Trajan Scientific, SDI Ltd, Medical Developments, Taylor Surgical
  • Syringe clips, emergency breathing apparatus, laboratory beaker holder, dental vial holders

Marsh Springs have the capability to develop and manufacture small and large stainless steel and other exotic material components for these industries, meeting strict compliance and QA requirements, with testing facilities to ensure high product standards are met.

Gun Stocks

Not happy with the current gun stock product available on the market, our Production Manager (a competition shooting enthusiast ) and the tool-room development team have produced a high quality, high specification gun stock which has created a good deal of interest in Australia and internationally.


  • Gainsborough, Whitco, Assa Abloy, Lock Focus
  • Snib latch springs, lock handle springs, commercial lock springs

Our company has been working with Australian lock manufacturers for more than 20 years. Resisting overseas competition as much as possible, Australian lock manufacturers continue to use our expertise, manufacture capability, and flexible service.

Over the 20 year period we have assisted in the development of new & innovative locking mechanisms which are now considered everyday items. From fine tiny compression springs to larger clips and brackets, we have provided quality components for this industry over a generation of lock development.