Customer Service

On Time Delivery

Marsh Springs endeavour to meet, and better, market standards wherever possible. Our delivery rating is consistently high and appreciated by our customers. Please tell us what time frame you require and we will do what we can to meet it.

Breakdown Service

When component issues cause a major stoppage or problem, we will try to assist in the shortest time possible to have new components made and delivered, to minimise down time.

Express post and express freight can be used to assist in getting the item to you quickly.

Special Packaging

When discussing your product specifications and requirements, let our sales staff know what your packaging needs you have and we endeavour to cater for them from our wide range of options.

Cages, boxes, cartons, plastic bag quantities, are some of our packaging options.

Small and Large Runs

Marsh Springs have a wide range of equipment, experience, and facilities to cater for the manufacture of any number of items – in large or small quantities.


If you need a component manufactured and assembled, we are able to assist in bringing together other components – either sourced by you or us – and assemble and package them into the final item.

Materials Store

A wide range of materials are kept on site to ensure that standing orders, and ‘short notice’ production needs, start on schedule with an adequate amount of raw material available.

A wide range of finishing options are also available.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Marsh Springs’ management system has been certified to ISO 9001Marsh Springs is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001 quality standard and has a comprehensive “in process” quality assurance system and philosophy throughout all sections.

Every product Marsh Springs produces is subject to rigorous control and testing systems to ensure quality and client specifications are always met. Computer-based tensility, and load and deflection testing are also available.