Marsh Springs factory at Carole Park

Marsh Springs have served clients for over 60 years.

Corporate History

Founder, Thomas Marsh commenced making springs in 1953. Since that time the company has grown to become one of Australia’s most trusted names in spring and wire product manufacturing. The company operates a large, modern complex including central administration and manufacturing facilities at Carole Park, Queensland. The firm remains privately owned and operated under the directorship of Greg Marsh, son of Thomas Marsh.

Our People

At Marsh Springs, we pride ourselves on the calibre of our people. Experienced, well–trained and loyal staff, many with over 25 years of service to the company, continue to underpin Marsh Springs’ ongoing success.

Special Services

Extensive in-house jobbing and tool room facilities allow speedy alterations and modification of machinery to suit client needs and minimise associated downtime. In-house design and prototype production services complement the firm’s special services.

Our Clients

“There is a spring in everything!”

Clients across a broad range of different industries rely on Marsh Springs for a host of different spring and wire products. Fulfilling such diverse needs continues to underwrite the firm’s experience and capability.


Marsh Springs strives to excel in what they do over the years. This has led to recognition from customers and other organisations.

Our largest customer, B&D Garage Doors (part of the Dulux Industries group of companies) have selected us three times now for their Industry Group ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award. For 2016 and 2013 we were chosen as the winner of the award. For 2015 we were selected as “runner up” for the award.

B&D Doors & Openers Supplier of the Year Winner 2016 TrophyB&D Doors & Openers Supplier of the Year Finalist 2015 PlaqueB&D Doors & Openers Supplier of the Year Winner 2013 Trophy

Quality Statement

Marsh Springs is a wholly Australian owned company, whose aim is to ensure total customer satisfaction through the development, manufacture, sales and service of formed wire and strip products, focusing mainly on cold formed helical springs.

The quality and reliability of the company’s products are the concern of every person within the organisation, and not just the sole responsibility of quality assurance.

In-built quality starts with the design and development of the product and continues through all subsequent phases. It also includes the quality that comes from the skill and accuracy of the person manufacturing the product. Every section has quality related responsibilities; quality cannot be inspected into the product. Each section therefore is responsible for manufacturing the correct quantities within the required time, in accordance with the planned estimate, and also at the required quality level.

Consequently a “make it right first time” approach is the key to quality production, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Marsh Springs’ management system has been certified to ISO 9001To help achieve this objective, quality problems arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency and economy. The methods employed are to be kept continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary.  These broad principles are basic to this company for the assurance of its product quality.

We are proud that our quality system is certified to the AS/NZS ISO 9001 quality standard.

Industry Group Membership

With a desire to remain at the forefront of industry development, Marsh Springs have memberships with:

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